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  1. I currently have some hssing roach nymphs from the same egg sac and I was wondering, if they happened they happened to breed (not purposefully) and have nymphs would that harm the nymph genetics? I'm separating them anyway as I don't want more nymphs OR incest, but I'm curious on if incest will harm roaches the same way it does for other animals.
  2. There's a few rocks and a vine in the tank, but you're probably right as they're hiding under the same rock as the adult. They're also a few months old and the mother was given away a a few weeks after birth. I've been wanting to get some more things for them to hide under for a while, since they're getting bigger I should probably find something to accommodate them. Thank you!
  3. I checked on my roaches today to find 4-5 nymphs around my only adult female. These nymphs are from another roach that was given away, leaving this female the only adult. This is my first time raising nymphs and I just want to know: do nymphs usually flock to the nearest adult? Is it for protection? There's other nymphs in the cage, about 6, why haven't they flocked to the adult?
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    I'm currently raising some hissers in Tennessee, one adult and a few nymphs. Hoping I can get some more species like giant cave cockroaches or dominos!