Wiggling abdomen after molt

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Hey guys :)

One of my male A. tesselata nymphs molted into adulthood yesterday. Sadly one of his wings got caught up in the old skin and tore mostly off.

I've set him up in a small bin so he can hopefully recover in peace, but I noticed he wiggles his abdomen up and down when I carefully move the oak leaves to check up on him (like a slow wiggle, not erratic shaking).

I am unsure if this might be a bad sign of him taking more damage than just a lost wing during the molt :/ 

Thanks for your help :)

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Update: When I checked up on him today, he didn't wiggle his butt anymore. He was mobile and active in trying to hide away.

So I guess he was actually trying to get a feeling for his new, bigger body (I mean... I don't know for sure the other males didn't wiggle as well after molting into adulthood, since they all had normally formed wings and all)?

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