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whey-proteine for roaches?

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Hey everybody,

Just a litle info about my self.Im 26 and my hobby's are fitness and a little bodybuilding...

Bodybuilders are know for their high-proteine high carbs dieets

Everywere you read about giving roaches dog or cat food for the proteines.

Now my question is

What kind of proteines do they need because I have here a bucket of high quality whey-proteine I don't like the taste of so I thought maybe good for my roaches...It contains alot of branched chained amino acids.

100gr of this powder contains 84gr proteins...

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whey-protein should be fine for them, i know it's in Crested gecko diet and my roaches get that every once and a while. i just don't know how thay will like the taste of straight whey-protein with no other flavors.

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