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New blaptica dubia - 1400 good start colony?

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New to the blaptica dubia cock roaches. I have a 1400 dubia roaches coming. They are not adults. Some a inch in length and some smaller than a 1 inch in length. How long will it take before they become established. I bought 700 from one seller and another 700 from a different seller. Should I divide them into 2 seperate bins or add them to the same bin? How long before I can start using them for the reptiles? I am educated on how to keep them. Just want to know how long it will take to get them established?

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Depends on what kind of reptiles and how many you are talking about. I have 4 geckos, and my Dubia colony is never more than 500ish and thats more than enough to keep the ball rolling. I just give any excess to my friends every once in awhile.

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