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  1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it
  2. Finally got some of my pinned bugs framed, before they were just thrown into one big frame. It was worth the wait to display them like this! Hopefully I’ll be able to frame the others soon. All specimens were collected from breeders after a natural death, were raised by me, or were found dead in the wild. Enjoy!
  3. That’s incredible! Now I wanna shine a light over my bugs to see who else glows...
  4. I don’t know how many of you use emojis or care about new ones being added, but people have been asking for a cockroach emoji for years now, and they’re finally here! You can see them on Twitter, or if you download the latest software update for the emoji keyboard. https://emojipedia.org/cockroach/ Happy roach posting!
  5. Yes, that definitely looks like a roach. If you give a location, other users here might be able to narrow down the species for you. A lot of people here don’t respond happily to seeing one crushed though.
  6. Haha, again, great to keep in mind! I want to further research this, so if I find anything concrete, I will post it here Thanks again
  7. Great information to keep in mind! I had never heard that cucumber skins could be repelling to roach species, so I will definitely look into that more.
  8. Shon2


    I have tried a couple of times, and my hissers seem to enjoy it somewhat, but I think they’re just excited to have something new every now and again. I’ve been looking through the forums lately to try and spice things up, and am learning a lot. I’ll continue to feed them avocado though to see if they really do like it, or are just tolerating it for now.
  9. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it
  10. The one in the second to last pic looks just like my male, who is a confirmed hybrid (They were being sold as “giant island leaf roaches” at Petco, but after calling the distributor, they were identified as gromphadorhina portentosa and gromphadorhina oblongonota hybrids with possible others mixed in as well haha)
  11. Made these into wallpapers if anyone is interested: https://sta.sh/07ea4zjiq2u https://sta.sh/01u933hl4mly
  12. Here are some example pics. If google drive doesn’t work or you need permission, just let me know and I will allow access to whoever wants to look at these This is the box I currently have of drying specimens: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Aa3JatRtOqxmHqrWx4Kzay-ZIUwa1Yw The two beetles on the right as well as the dubia roach on the bottom left are drying “mummified” style, whereas the wasps, honeybee, and large rhinoceros beetle are drying “plumped” to look more lifelike. I have not started working on either of the butterflies, but just as a note, you cannot dip Lepidoptera in
  13. Hey y’all! I actually love insect taxidermy and will do my best to help you out! In order to have insects in a display case like the one listed above, pins are still required, they are just removed before the final placement in the cotton-lined boxes seen there. Pinning may not be your desired look, but once your insects are pinned, the pins can easily be removed and your bugs will look magnificent as they are. There are two main preservation looks you can get with pinned insects: 1. Display style - Wings, legs, etc are spread out and posed in order to show the most aesthet
  14. Thank you for the help! She is extremely dehydrated and looks quite a bit different than my other hisser, so you’re absolutely right, I think she’s a hybrid of some sort. We’ll see how this goes
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