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  1. Thank you so much! Very happy to be here ! And share this world with all of you!
  2. You should try to raise them as long as possible, stating to your family that you haven't been able to find a buyer yet and you dont want to kill them because they are worth each x amount of money. 😁 Maybe one day they will already get used to them πŸ˜‰
  3. Dear all, Should you be interested in reading the captioned reference paper, please access the my google drive link down below: PDF DOCUMENT Regards, Martin
  4. Hi and Welcome! Seems we have similar interests as I also started with ants few years ago, and which then led to roaches ! Now, i am digging deeper into the roach world 😁 I would recommend the book ”for the love of cockroaches” from Orin McMonigle as a good starting point. Cheers
  5. Sorry for the constant updates πŸ˜… but I like to post as things happen. 15th September 2020 was the day the second female extruded her ootheca. And today 12th October 2020, 27 days later, she gave birth to beautiful younglings! Second batch of nymphs that this colony produced. πŸ₯³ I suspect I have a pre-adult male, which would be great, but if not, and unless females can lay multiple times with one pairing, this colony may only increase in size, after all these babies grow up πŸ€— Lets wait and see πŸ₯° Fingers crossed for the future! PS: seems the new enclosure was
  6. WoW ! Absolutely lovely ! Great shots of roach maternity πŸ₯°
  7. Today I re-housed my Perisphaerus colony into the same type of enclosure but with a different soil mixture (before was just cocofiber, this time i added up clay and some sand and peat, to try to retain more humidity) and a nice cork background. I like how the background has some moss filaments and the from cockbark pieces have likens on them. The younglings like to hide themselves (nowadays) inside the bark crevices. Just adorable then they take a peak to smell something πŸ˜‹πŸ₯° like these polen pellets. Ps: they also love baby turtle food pellets What do you think of the setu
  8. I have been keeping a Blatta lateralis colony for 1 year now. The colony when it arrived, it came with few beetles of lesser mealworms. I kept them together inside the same bin. The colony thrived ! Both species did quite well. And i had absolutely no smell whatsoever. I kept them inside a big bin, with a small amount of cocofiber, and long carton tubes for the roaches to hide in. Once covid hit, i had to rely more and more on my roach colony as food source. At a similar period i noticed a significant decrease on adult numbers over time and a large increase on lesser mealworm beetle
  9. Looks like a Polyphaga sp. , but I am still a beginner, so better wait for a more knowledgeable person πŸ˜…
  10. Ok. I will research more for the local government as well. I guess I would need an export permit, and a proper shipping company. I think this would make sense, once we can get confirmation on the exact species these are.
  11. I am still waiting for news This year I was supposed to do with the Entomologist the Macau Biodiversity Exhibition (thank you covid for delaying this), where I would display 2 of my ant colonies, but now the good news is I will definitely be able to showcase these as well, it would be awesome if they were a new species for Macau. By the way, i forgot to say, I found these roaches to roam on trees more often than on the ground. In one instance, one large female was eating tree sap. I want to try to collect some of that sap, to see if I can replicate the feeding behavior. R
  12. Not yet been able to do so. They are really flighty... now that i only have females, I will just wait for that second female to have nymphs, and I will do that for you, and try to take some macro photos as well. regards
  13. Thank you Arthroverts!! I also been reading your blog! regards!
  14. Dear Hisserdude, What an absolutely pleasure it is to have your welcome! I have read your blog many times :D Since you showed your interested on the Perisphaerus I am keeping, i decided to do a post about them. Hope you enjoy! and thank you for your hard work!! it helps a lot, specially for newcomers like me! Regards, Martin
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