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  1. I really can't recall... I have this weird recollection of having a domino roach inside the regularis colony and throwing it inside the domino bin... If I am not making up stuff in my mind... it's possible I may have contaminated my colony? Do u think this may be a cross breeding of petiveriana with bearndthardi?
  2. All relative sizes should be correct as I tried to maintain same reproduction ratio while taking the photos. If any mistake exist, should be really minor.
  3. Thank you for your replies. This was what I could get from a frozen specimen.
  4. My colony has started to produced these differently sized wings and with different patterns. (So far I only found 3 or 4 of them). Has anyone ever seen or experienced anything like this before?
  5. Here is some of the color variation from my colony. Now that I have over 500+ individuals, i am prep to separate them by color/tone.
  6. My first Ectobiid species under my care and a local species I have recently found. http://www.thewildmartin.com/blog/conservation-of-macau-wildlife
  7. I already got the 2001/2002 issue, with the ACS issue 2. Will u add the ACS issue 1 as well? Looking forward to that one! Then i will buy one per month 🥰 Thank you Orin, today got ur latest IM on my mail. What a coincidence. Ahaha Thanks
  8. Thank you!! I definitely will ! The world needs more Perisphaerinae!
  9. Just to inform that Invertebrate Dude has helped tremendously to get an ID on these roaches. Thank you! Based on the location, male to female size similarities, female ventral abdomen with short yellow hairs, also matching the description from the Perisphaerinae Revision Paper, he pointed out that he thought it is Perisphaerus punctatus. Now onto to get these established in the hobby. My colony is doing very well, and now I need to think about scaling up the enclosure. I like this setup a lot, its very practical and functions very well but it wont withstand 40/50 adults. I want to order the same exact design, but 3 or 4 times the size. Just last piece of information. Since these roaches are local, I have noticed that, comparatively to other species, the low temperature drop to 12C had little effect on their activity levels. At night, they were the most active roaches. Cheers!
  10. Here are my latest photos of this wonderful species. They were still terribly bold and courageous, but they did allow me more time to take better photos this time.
  11. Welcome to best hobby every! 🥰 Happy New Year!
  12. You can only add 300kb of total file sizes... You have to downgrade the photos quality.
  13. I keep G.centurio and E.yasumatsui. H vittata I haven't been able to get any yet.
  14. Gyna centurio (pinks), eucorydia yasumatsui (blues and greens) and Hemithyrsocera vittata (yellows and reds) for me
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