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  1. I wash everything I give all my roaches, and also freeze the leaves. EDIT: forgot to mention the second one was on its back the when I found it having issues. I don't know how long it had been like that as I'd been gone a couple days.
  2. I wash everything I give all my roaches, and also freeze the leaves.
  3. I'd actually fed them more fish flakes in the past few weeks. Not a super huge amount more but a bit more. The though had crossed my mind that too much protein might've hurt them but idk. I always keep the substrate moist, it didn't dry out. The cork bark actually had a small bit of white mold on it, and a couple days ago some fish flakes had gotten moldy (I removed them when I found them). The mold is my best guess as to what killed them, but moldy food has happened once or twice before with no ill effect. Only other thing I can think is that there might be been mold in my fr
  4. Both were on the surface when I found them. I keep them at room temperature which is currently 70 something. Setup was a large critter keeper with about two inches of organic soil and a piece of cork bark. The setup has been the same since I got them.
  5. Another one died in similar circumstances (though it fought hard for over a day instead of succumbing in a few hours). Beyond devistating. I've moved the last one to a different enclosure and keeping my fingers crossed. Does anyone have any insight? Also who all sells rhino roaches?
  6. Any Pokemon fans here? Sun and Moon finally gave us a roach pokemon with Pheromosa and it instantly became one of my favorite Pokemon. I love how not only is it powerful, but is also portrayed as beautiful and clean! It reminds me of a Blaberus sp. in particular, especially the coloring on the shiny version. I want to cosplay a humanized/gijinka Pheromosa and do a photoshoot with some of my caves.
  7. I adore all roaches but b. giganteus has a special place in my heart. I love keeping them, and they attract a lot of attention during outreach. Some also can get pretty calm if you work with them.
  8. To paraphrase Jurassic Park, you did it. You crazy son of a bitch actually did it. My day has been pretty crappy since one of my rhinos died, but at least this is some fantastic news. I hope these make it to the states someday.
  9. One of my rhino roach nymphs died today. Last night it was squirming like it was going to molt so I misted the enclosure a couple times, but it later died without molting. My other two appear to be ok though I've been keeping an eye on them. I haven't changed husbandry recently so I'm not sure what happened, other than maybe a random death or something was wrong with the roach. Theyre all about four to five years old but the one that passed was noticably smaller than the others and had been for a while, which makes me think maybe something was wrong with it. Does anyone have any cl
  10. The anatomy on that costume (or lack there of) makes me cry inside.
  11. I've kept hissers for 7 years and have always fed them cat food (amongst other things) since we also have cats. They seem to like it (though not as much as carrots and veggies) and it hasn't seemed to harm them.
  12. My hissers aren't too crazy about grapes for some reason. Never have been. It's weird since I hear other people's hissers love grapes and I make sure to halve them and everything. Same with bananas. They just sit around and attract gnats
  13. Wow, what a pretty roach! Does anyone know anything about their size, lifespan, breeding habits, etc?
  14. I've heard that, but it didn't seem to hurt them, at least not until a year after I put it in.
  15. Okay, I've been watering them a bit more than I used to and so far, I've only found one dead (on a day I was away too). I hope it was just humidity, seems like that was it so far.
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