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Walk quietly with a big stick:

Matt K

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will get back to you on this one

Thanks for the ID's on some of these "other invertebrates"...I have no clue. This stick in particular looks smaller from camera distortion that I cannot correct (and I was so blown away I did not think to measure it!) Found it in a guava tree, around midnight, temp 68'F (though may have been 65 by then), humidity at 85%. Slow moving. Was eating the guava leaves when sighted. Body VERY smooth and waxy feeling. Overall seemed heavy for its size. No sign of any wing, bud wing, or any hint it could possibly have wings at any point in its life. Antennae had sensillae obvious closer to the head, but became smooth a third of the way out. Near the tail there were two flattened protrusions (can be seen in this photo) laterally.

Any other distinguishing features that would help I.D. ??

Thanks Peter and Orin!

size note: from where its head is in the pic to the right edge of my palm is 6".

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