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Live plants for enclosure?


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Hello all!


I've had my two girls (Gromphadorhina portentosa) for a while now and was thinking maybe they could get an enclosure upgrade. 

Their current one is 10in in width, and 20in in length. (Ten gallon fish tank) They'll have to stay in that one though, sadly. 


Are there any safe plants for them I could find at a local store to put in there? Their substrate is the reptile coconut husk fiber, could anything grow in that? Or would I need to find organic soil and place plants in a pot? 

They're in a darker corner and my room stays in the 70s, even in winter. They've got a wire lid (tiny holes) to cover their enclosure. 


Also, could I use natural wood? I would find something at a local petstore in the fish section so it'd be free of chemicals. Would that work? 



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