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Beetle jelly and £27/kg Tetra pond pellets. 🤨

I've mentioned already, my orange heads - and other roaches - are looking a bit picky about their food these days. But stick in a pot of beetle jelly and they've already gnawed big holes in it, after a couple of minutes. That alone has made me think about following some of the jelly recipes on youtube, though maybe with a bit more nutrition and not quite so much sugar.

Also, to the right you'll see Supa pond pellets, a cheaper alternative to the Tetra pellets that ran out a couple of weeks ago. Out of shot are some nuggets of dry dog food. Waiting to see which disappears first.





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I haven't tried it yet, so no clue. From what I've heard, the sheer concentration of sugar has a preservative effect (like jam and jelly conserves) and the addition of honey doesn't hurt either. Youtubers store it in the fridge or even the freezer.

I'm just idly wondering if it's worth making in bulk, because that pot got licked squeaky-clean in a couple of hours. But it'd still just be a supplement rather than a staple.

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