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Archimandrita tesselata


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"Two for two"

I should've said 'two out of three',  honestly. The initial failure being what gave me a thing for recording and crowing about their growth.

One more to go, but she's significantly smaller. Might take her another couple of moults before she can sit at the grown-up table.

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I've known people - self included - who knew the phrase 'looking a gift horse in the mouth', knew what it meant, but had no idea why you'd look in a horse's mouth!

I noticed the second female had a very broken up pronotum marking in the photos, though she was still slightly teneral and I think it's all filled in now. Though she was further along than #3, who had a solid marking straight off. To be honest I've tried not to disturb them too much, but I think I might have to line them all up and see just how distinguishing their marks are.

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