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New roaches barely respond, seem to be nearly dead

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So I’ve been raising three Madagascar hissers for about two months now. Never have I seen this before, so I’m pretty worried. I just bought three more from the store, and two of the three seem… well, like they’re dying. They’re in the classic dead-bug fetal position, and barely more when I upright them. The behavior displayed by them doesn’t seem healthy. 

I’ve never seen them molt before, so is this what they do before molting? If not, I just bought them like 30 minutes ago, so should I try and get new ones? I don’t know what to do but it breaks my heart to see them like this.

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11 minutes ago, Bhjjr said:

Can you post a picture? Weird that they changed so rapidly. 30 minutes?

So I can’t figure out how to get a photo on here, but I can tell you that one has gotten better. I’m holding him right now and he’s seeming much more lively than previously observed. The second isn’t. It’s still showing the same fetal-position

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