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New creatures in my springtail & dwarf white isopod container?


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I bought 'terrarium cleaner kit' of springtails & dwarf white isopods. I took them from the small box and put them in a ~10L. Gave them some charcoal, leaflitter, yeast, soil & moss. That was weeks ago. A few days ago I put a piece of whitebread in there aswell and now its covered with these brown guys that I haven't seen before -- Who are they? Are they grownup or younglings? Are they springtails, isopods or something else? 


Also, was also extremely tiny flies also in the terrarium cleaning kit and they made their way into the bigger box aswell.

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I don’t exactly know what the things in the image are but the tiny flies are fungus gnats.  My guess is that you keep your soil too damp and have lots of decaying matter to sustain the gnats.  You can try drying your enclosure for a bit (be sure not to kill the isopods).  You can also get mosquito bits from Amazon to kill the gnats without doing harm to the isopods.

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