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Yahoo contest I need votes Please!


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This site is hosted by Yahoo, on it I created a few contests, all you need is a yahoo account to vote/enter and it's free. You may have heard of it, it's called Bix.

Just click the links to each contest and you'll understand what it is. Basically you vote for the contestants in the contest you like, your given two pictures and you click 1 of the 2 pictures, the picture you clicked is the one you like better. Or enter the contest by submitting a picture. The more votes a submission has, the better chance it has to win the contest.

You dont win prizes or anything it's just something fun to do for free.

The Contests:

Favorite Nickelodeon show of all time


Favorite Pokemon Character


Best Sci-Fi movie of all time


Oddest Pet


Favorite Color


Which Cartoon should be made into a live action movie?


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I weighed in on Sci Fi movies, oddest pet, and favorite colors. The favorite color one was a little difficult, but the oddest pet and sci fi movies polls were pretty fun.

If a bunch of people participate, you should repost the results when the contest is over!


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Thank you for voting it's a start. If you could submit an entry or two in any contest listed that would be great! I dont have many entries in any contest, usually 30 entries per contest makes a good competition for voting.

If more people vote/enter I will happily post the results when the contest ends.

By the way the end November 12, 2007

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Why dont you enter one of them (one entry per person for the pokemon contest) I already entered my favorite so I cant add any more.

All you do is find a picture of the pokemon. Then on the contest page hit "enter contest" Then upload the picture of the pokemon, and fill in the pokemon name, and hit submit.

After you submit your pokemon vote until it wont allow you to vote any more. (basically when you vote for each character at least once)

I'm shocked nobody entered Pikachu, then again not many people even viewed my contest not many Pokemon fans like us I guess?

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A few of my friends submitted more entires for each of my contests (Except for the Pokemon contest we submitted our limit and need you guys to submit more entries for us)

So take a look again at each of the contests and vote again if you want, and your welcome to submit entries in each contest I am still accepting entries.

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