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dubia food variety


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Hi All,

I am new to roaches and this forum.

I have 2 questions:


1) When feeding to breed the roaches, I provide water, protein and carbs all at the same time, then I just let the roaches "self-select" from those choices.

In this case, I like to provide, fish food, bananas, sweet potatoes, and water crystals.

Is this correct? or should I be providing only 1 food source per day?


2) When feeding to gut-load for my insectivore pet, I provide water and carbs, then again, I just let the roaches "self-select".

In this case, I like to provide, dried guavas, oats and water crystals.

So, again, is this correct? 

I could also alternate between guavas and oats every 12 hours?

or I could alternate between guavas and oats every 24 hours? (I know dubias can hold a 3 day gutload, thus achieving a ratio of 2:1 between the guavas and oats)

I am kinda wanting to alternate between the guavas and oats every 24 hours so I can control the roaches to hold a significant amount of both fruits and grains(I do not want them to have so much of one and very little of the other).

In contrast, that may be unnatural, I worry they may eat less when I provide just 1 food source because they have no choice.

So perhaps its better to provide both fruit and grain simultaneously, resulting in a healthier roach?




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I would say that providing them with oats and fruits at the same time should be fine, the roaches should just eat what they need to (self-select). I don't differentiate between a gutloading diet and breeding diet for the roaches, whatever you are using to get them to breed should be nutritious for your insectivores. As long as your roaches are breeding and eating well, you don't need to worry about it too much. Hope this helps

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