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New sofa and seen one cockroach


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Hi there, 

I just bought a sofa three days ago from a friend of a friend. The sofa looks good but tonight I was sitting at the kitchen table when I seen a cockroach crawl by and I caught it under a glass. I can't believe it. I know I didn't have cockroaches before.I lived here for years and its a house not an apt. I feel like it came from the sofa. I already had my two sons put the sofa outside. I called my friend and ask her and she said it could be possible cause the people that owned the sofa are from another country and have a very busy house with relatives visiting all the time. Anyway, my question is, should I get someone in to spray or put some traps down. I really dont know what to do here. You think this is a one roach and I caught it before is started have babies and eggs ect.... I really want to tip this before it gets out of control. Hope someone can give me some advice. Thank you in advance.

Have a good nite.


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