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Raising E. Javonica nymph?


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Hello all, I am back with questions again! 


I recently got three female halloween hissers from an online seller. I am unsure whether one had the nymphs in transport or not, but upon arrival there were around 20 nymphs in the container with the adults. I say I'm unsure, as they were pretty small (pinky nail size) and I had only ordered two females from the seller (got sent an extra though). 

Anyways, I contacted a family friend and gave away all the other babies, but one had managed to hide itself well enough that I missed it. 

I currently have it in a 1gal critter care container with petroleum jelly on the top 2 inches and coconut fiber as substrate. There's a piece of carrot I placed in there as well and I plan on placing food in whenever I see it needs more/fresh. 


So, how do I go about raising it? I've been doing research but I thought I'd ask here too. 


Question wise, I guess:

- Are there any specifics I should be doing? 

- I read to keep humidity and heat levels up, so I'll be spraying the container down everyday and turn the heat lamp on if needed. (Room temperature is around 73 with 69 at night) is this good to do?

- Are there any specific foods it needs? Can I feed it like an adult hisser?

- When it molts, is there anything I need to do? How do I know when it's going to molt? 


Those are all the questions I can think of, but please feel free to tell as much as you'd like. I'm no where near sure that I know what I'm doing! 

Thank you!!

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