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Panchlora nivea: green banana roach

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I did a search and found no results for the Panchlora nivea: green banana roach.  Are there reliable information sources about this roach?  How to set up breeding?  What are their basic needs?  Any information you can give is appreciated, thanks.

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Very easy to keep I've had my colony for years and I've just split it into two they're quite a small pretty and very good display Roach

They like it hot (80/90+ the hotter the faster they breed) med/high humidity tho they'll cope with lower humidity but spray regularly deep loose sub 4"+ just Rotted wood and leaf litter mixed is fine plus heavy leaf litter top layer it will never need changing just top it up when necessary to maintain the depth

Lots of layered bark flat and angled 

Food Butternut Squash all the time sliced and put on top of sub plus apples bananas oranges melon pretty much any fruit I alternate the type of fruit but always feed the squash 

Very fast breeders once they get going initially your adults will die off but the sub will be teaming with tiny brown nymphs and they are very tiny then you'll suddenly have loads of adults and once your colony balances you'll always have Adults and all sizes of nymph and for every nymph you actually see you'll have 50+ buried 

Add spring tails and you could add dwarf whites too they'll both thrive




Hope this helps






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