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H Cyaneus (Scorpling Incubator)


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So I was wondering what sex my H Cyaneus was when a few weeks ago I found HER with a back full of babies now this was my first Scorpion ( I actually got two a Hadruras A Pallidus as well in January this year) which also had babies within a week of this one but I'll do a separate post for that 

Fed mum every day with a pre killed Roach while she was carrying the babies and she was ravenous every time 

Rehoused the scorplings into single pots as soon as they left mum and they're thriving in my very simple incubator which maintains 90%+ humidity and 28'c 

I simply put the pots into a seed tray (Put two together to make it stronger/stiffer and less bendy) with another seed tray on top and it's working very well 

As always advice from experienced Scorpion keepers welcome 




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