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What's the roach for me?


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I'm looking for a new species to acquire and I'd like some suggestions on what species to look into. I really like all of the qualities of Macropanesthia, but I've not been able to really find any. Another one I'm looking into is Pseudoglomeris magnifica. I may just end up getting more hissers, but I'd hoped to try out something different. What I'm after is a species that will be out and about some, medium to large, either no babies or only a few (15-30), doesn't sprint, and hopefully minimal heating.

I'm okay with species that look like American roaches, but I'm not a huge fan of ones that look like German roaches and don't mind flying species either. It's not necessary, but I've got a real soft spot for species that are maternal or hangout in families like Cryptocercus.

I've got two bioactive ZooMed terrariums that are both loaded with plants, springtails, and A. nasatum. If I found something very cool though, I'd be willing to make some sacrifices for them.

Thank you all so much for your time and it's great that this site exists for our six-legged underdogs of pet arthropods.

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