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Orange Dairy Cows


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So recently I finally managed to produce my own orange dairy cows not many yet as I'm isolating what I've got but being dairy cows I'll probably have millions quite soon

I've also found someone who's literally got 1000s so I've bought a 100 small (If I buy pods i like to rear them myself from as small as possible) which arrived today so I've got another gene pool 


Very happy with them great seller and I thought I'd post some pics of how I set my pod tubs up to possibly help any new people


Live Moss at one end about a third of the tub brilliant for maintaining moisture


An end on pic showing the thickness of the Moss about 3" thick half roots half green


Sub up to the green part of the Moss (ground rotted leaf litter - ground rotted wood - ex beetle sub - ground egg shells - fine grade charcoal - crushed leaf litter + half round bark 

I'll add a piece of cuttle bone too now there's lots of debate about calcium but I believe if they eat it you should use it and all my pods absolutely destroy cuttle bone so I'll always use it along with ground egg shells (I don't like or use any other types of calcium)

There's some of my dry Pod food under the bark (where I like to feed them) (technically not necessary due to the quality of the sub but I've found all my pods eat my dry food and it definetly helps them grow and breed faster so I always use it even with new sub and a piece of butternut squash 

The Moss in the corner is what they came in I just tipped it out in the tub


Voile top for plenty of ventilation (some of my tubs have a larger Voile area) I don't use side vents and I've never had a single issue with any of my pods they're all thriving and I've got about 20 colonies 

Questions and opinions (good or bad) welcome 


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