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My Pachnoda Marginata Set Up


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80 litre tub 4" sub (Rotted wood - Leaf litter - Moss - heavy layer Leaf L on top)

Flat bark buried under and on top of the sub great for pupae 


Wood and bark uprights as the adults like to roam about and climb


To feed them (every 3 days) i chop up Banana - Apple - Butternut Squash very small which might seem a lot of work but I'm quick with a knife so only takes me about 2/3 minutes to chop 1/2 Nana's 1/2 Apples 1/2 slices BS I vary things sometimes more Nana then next time more Apple etc and doing it this way I've never had any pest issues at all as all the food disappears under the sub literally within a few hours where as if I had big pieces on the surface I'd be plagued with FFs etc

Then i take out the uprights and surface bark which only takes seconds 

Scatter the food all over the surface


then replace all the bark 

I can't believe how they breed as I've never had them before but I only started with 4 adult beetles last year and when I Rehoused into this tub there were 30 ish Adults 120+ Larvae and about 20+ Eggs so God knows how many there are now I'm gonna have to feed some larvae off to my Ts before I get overrun 

Temps 70/80 - high humidity and always make sure they've got good sub as they produce lots of frass so keep it replenished and do a full change over when frass build up saving sub for eggs larvae pupae 






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