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Forest scorplings dinner time


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Quick update on the forest scorplings I've lost a few (only the smallest ones) which I'm assuming is to be expected but I'm quite happy with their progress


and there are several much bigger ones which I'm assuming are female but if any Scorpion people want to educate me please educate away and I've noticed they're growing much faster/bigger than the desert scorplings (which I'm still keeping communally) even tho there's only 2 weeks age difference 


Still feeding roach nymphs (3 types) with the occasional pod for a bit of variety and I have to say I'm surprised how easy they are to keep/rear as they were my first two scorpions and then both having babies at the same time was a bit of a surprise and I was concerned about rearing them but it's been great really enjoyed it 

Didn't move them to bigger pots as they were doing fine in the small ones but I will eventually when they grow



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