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Feeding P Nivea/Tesselata Nymphs


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Just a few pics

One of my P Nivea colonies I've had this colony for many years finally had to split it into two but still 1000s in there 



84 litre tub full Voile lid multi layered bark with leaf litter/rotten wood sub which has never been changed just added to as necessary there's zillions of spring tails and some dwarf whites in there too

One of the few colonies I only feed once a week but they always get a large whole sliced butternut squash then varied fruit 1/2 Nana's  1/2 apples and 1 orange 

Feeding my Tesselata nymphs and there was one in the dry food which I had to physically move out to replace with fresh dry food then it just climbs back in and carries on eating it seems all my Roaches like my dry food 




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