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So had a little foray to my collecting area this morning and got five sacks of forest floor sub


The sub is compressed tightly in the sacks so there's probably 300+ litres which took me about half an hour plus the walk to and from the woods with my trolley

I collect it from deciduas woodland by raking off the surface sticks etc then rake up the top 2" which is basically last year's rotted down leaf litter and bits of rotted wood etc and is prime sub

and some rotted wood to add to my stash 



That log is about 11' long to give you some perspective 

My rotted wood container 


I've actually got more but it won't fit in the container 

I've also got a drift wood stash and a Moss covered branch and wood stash but felt it might of been too much excitement all at once for some of the more delicate members 🤣 





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I live in a very quiet place mate surrounded by farmland and woodland and the place I go I walk to from my house my nearest neighbour is about 100 yards up the track 


That's the view from my front gate so I'm very lucky and I have the same view all round me

BUT I was collecting bark from stacked fallen trees at my local park a while ago and the park ranger guy pulled up in his Jeep and asked me what I was doing (as there were signs everywhere saying do not climb on the log stack) which I wasn't I was just pulling the bark of the trees that were dead so I politely explained I had a huge insect collection and always collect bark rotten wood and leaf litter when I can and he was very nice nice and said well that's a first for me and it's fine you collect whatever you need 

Most people are quite interested and ask lots of questions and want to see pictures but some are horrified 🙄



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On 10/9/2022 at 9:47 AM, Silverback said:


Most people are quite interested and ask lots of questions and want to see pictures but some are horrified 🙄


I love to mimic Mr. Krabs playing a sad song on the world's smallest violin for those kinds of people. Why would someone ask to see your collection and then be dramatic about it? I always laugh at my mother who even gets squeamish with dubias of all things. There are only a few species of roaches that can become a steady pest problem. Other than that, they just serve their ecological role at detrivores. Humans can be so whiney about things that don't fit into their little bubbles. Nature is weird and gross and the sooner you get over it, the better because then you can see how cool it is. 

I get mad trying to explain over and over to my parents that no Red Runners got loose in our house, but rather German cockroaches that hitch hiked in the mail. I know the pestiness of Red Runners is debated, but I personally never had issues with them. They're a fun species to own and make amazing feeders. 

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