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Agar agar


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Does anybody currently use agar? Last posts I see about it on the forum was from 2016/17. 

My new job takes me away from home during the week and I'm looking for a little something extra for the colonies.

Any thoughts about agar vs beef gelatin. The beef is cheaper :)


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Well I didn't use any agar for this week's maintenance. Instead I added some extra forest moss to each tub and sprayed it down. Everybody got some Halloween pumpkin this go around.

I also put some water out near the tubs with a fan blowing on it. A redneck humidifier. Now that I have to turn on a heater to keep temps up I don't want them to dry out too much.

When I used to afford to have aquariums the water evaporated and that's how I thought of the fan pointed at water.

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