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Predatory mites...


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What kind of mites do you have? I have some Hypoaspis miles on order from Biocontrol Network to help get rid of grain mites. I've read they will help with mites on reptiles too. Depending on which country or state you live in you may need a permit.

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For grain mites I would try Amblyseius fallacis first, as they generally eat other mites indiscriminately. Hypoaspis miles will not make much of a dent in another mite population, as they prefer fungus gnats (thier favorite), springtails, fly larvae, and such.

For predatory mites to work on reptile mites, the reptiles need to be in a very humid and/or somewhat damp enclosure- not unlike greenhouse conditions.

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Just an update, the H. miles did the job. If I have another mite problem I'll try the A. fallacis to see how they do. It never hurts to be familiar with more than one remedy.

??? :blink: I must have been sleep deprived, had momentary retardation, or something like that and maybe reversed the two mite species in the sentence. I just re-read my post in this thread and I don't know what I was thinking. If you look around maybe on this board but certainly on AB then you will see I have made several posts preaching the benefits of Hypoaspis miles. I think they do eat any other mite, gnat larvae, etc. pretty well. Stick with the H.miles for mite control.

:wacko: Next time I will try to read carefully my own post before posting it.


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