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Female roach fight


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Has anyone witnessed female roaches fight? I have blaberus fusca and the same 2 females always fight one another. Firs they go head to head, then they run in a circular motion while there heads are touching (but not locked cause they arent hissers), almost like male deer do when they lock antlers. One tries to flip the other one over and at the same time nips the other but hardly does damage, they also expell air making a hissing noise. The looser hides and the winner gets to rest anywhere. (they fight over hiding spaces)

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When one of my female hissers gave birth, another female came over to investigate. The mother hissed, raised her body up, and shoved her head under the other female. They grappled for a while, but the mother finally let the other female by. I didn't think that they would regard other females as a threat. :huh:

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