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Looking to purchase a few Hissing Roaches


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Hi, I am new here and just curious where I can get a few Hissing Roaches, I am looking for many just one male and 2 females. When I do an online search most the sites I find have them in huge bulk which I do not want at the moment. I hope I posted this on the right section, thanks in advance =)

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Hi PAbugman and welcome to the forum. There are two places you might consider posting.

1. In the Introduce Yourself section. We'd love to hear a little bit about you!

2. In the Ad Listings section. This is the place where you list your roach wants and needs (and read the offerings of others). You can also check the breeder feedback section to get a feel for some of the breeders before making your purchase.

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Welcome! Try out blaberus.com for lots of different roach options, they have hissers for around $2. Google is always helpful too.

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