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Has anyone ever dealt with a 'stuck' ooth-'stuck' (unlaid)?

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Has anyone ever dealt with a 'stuck' ooth

or if they can 'abort' a damaged one without dying?

Anybody know how long orange domino roaches (t. regularis) carry an ooth?

I'm trying to figure out when I should begin to worry

I had 5 roaches from nymphs-result

3 male and 2 female 

as of last week

2 female recently both had an ooth sticking out-

but then-both unlaid ooths were eaten to halfway point of females 'rear end'


one female  died-2 days ago-

the other still has half eaten ooth sticking out


So What to do?

can I/should I even try to VERY GENTLY pull it out?

since she will most likely die (based on the fact the other female did 2 days ago)


someone helpfully suggested perhaps it was to dry or lack protein in my other post

(because some legs were chewed/and molting nymphs attacked)


but they get dead mealworms and dog kibble for protein

and dead wood and leaves-and banana-blueberries-(which they eat)

and carrots (they never touch the carrots) so I'm stopping using them


and its def not to dry?

-temps-fluctuate 72-80f and humidity accordingly 40-80%

if anything to humid at times?

I also mist surface leaves and see them drink on occasion

but only every 2-3  days-because I get white fuzz on food when very humid

-I have them in temp controlled small restroom for heat/humidity because I'm in Midwest and its cold now

and have to pull fruit and dog food at 2 days because of mold-

I also have a small fan cycling on low for half hour every 2 hours

to move air/I put a screen top-every other 1-2 days then put regular lids back on for same amount of time-substrate is very lightly compressible/moist -like almost totally dried coffee grounds

the very top surface is drier and has leaves covering it

note: my white dominos are fine in the same exact size bin/setup

its the orange ones

thanks anybody/everybody


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