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Help me id a roach plz


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Hi, I found this roach all by itself under a log in my back pasture, near Houston, Texas. Its right at 1" in length. Ive never seen one like it before around here and Im really curious as to what species it is, its a really good looking roach though, I wonder why it was all by itself. Thx!


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She had some babys today! I found a few little ones at the bottom of the cage I have her in not to sure how many just yet but Ill try to count them later. I thought for awhile she was dead cause she never moves, maybe it had something to do with her having babys but idk.

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Make sure to wipe vaseline around the top in about a one and a half inch wide band or so....sometime the babies find thier way into your carpet.....

Before you know it you will have alot of these - in the cage-

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