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How to ship roaches?

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Hey guys what's the best way to ship roaches? I've had them come in the 32 oz. Deli Cups w/ vented lids which were nice and easy on the transfer to their tubs. AND I've had them come "loose" in a taped up box.... Not my favorite way to recieve them. I'm just trying to find the pros and cons because I'm going to be shipping some over to my buddy. Also I'm probably going to ship within a month so it's gonna be a bit chilly. How do I pack the heaters properly?



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Keep in mind that what I'm about to tell you is just 'my' way and I am truly anal when it comes to shipping live critters.

Get one of the priority shipping boxes from the post office - they are free and come in small and large square sizes.

Get some foam or sytrofoam and line the entire box with it, cut a piece to fit like a lid inside for the top.

Place roaches into a deli cup with damp moss and air holes.

Place the activated heat pack in the bottom of the box.

Place shredded newspaper on the heat pack (needs air circulation to work right).

Place deli container(s) in box and pad out well with more shredded newspapers.

Seal box and ship.

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