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Scorpion vs Tarantula


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I am not very familiar with scorpions & have just started researching them recently. I mostly only hold my inverts during cage cleaning & for photos, but was wondering, if you take out the factor that all animals have individual personalities, would you say that an average emperor scorpion is more or less likely to pinch/sting when handled than say an average chaco golden stripe tarantula is to kick hairs/bite when handled?


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I do not handle my tarantulas ever. Some may be tame, and some are definately not, but I would rather not find out.

I have handled Emporer scorpions more times than I can remember and they have never pinched or stung me.....but somehow I think I was stung by an emporer once and it was very mild, but I may be thinking of something else- it was long long ago.

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