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Electrical barrier


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Some cockroach enthusiasts here in Denmark experimented with a barrier using voltage from a battery to keep the climbing roaches in.

Because of the good contact they have with the surface the cockroaches would feel a low voltage when they stepped on two electrodes along the tank rim and withdraw.

So I have decided to make the experiment with my hissers.

However, there was no conclusion on what type of electrode material to use and how to fasten it. The distance between the electrodes was held down to 1-2 mm [0.04-0.08 inch] to ensure even the smallest nymphs to touch both plus and minus electrode.

Did any of you use/experiment with such a system??

If so, could you please share some results.

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Have you tried this out yet OBJ?
Hi Rafiqos,

I have made some experiments, but I am not yet satisfied.

Therefore I prefer to wait till it is better refined.

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