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Can Tropical Roaches infest a house?

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I gotten asked recently by a couple of my customers if they had an escapee Blaptica Dubia, could it possibly infest their house? I'm from the NorthEastern USA. Winters get pretty cold. Any thoughts on this? I've never heard of tropical roaches infesting houses in the USA. Any info that I could tell my customers guys?


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You can tell them that if they live in the tropics (or a warm climate) and the species of roach lives in houses then yes, the tropical roaches will infest their house. Otherwise, the northeastern US is too cold for dubia in the winter. They like it very warm and they are not a species that naturally likes to infest houses.

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Most of the roaches in the hobby are incapable of infesting a house or becoming a "pest species" ("Pest Species" are referenced and listed in this forum).

Blaptica dubia, if escaped from an enclosure, are not known to be able to survive anywhere in the USA. Some exceptions may be parts of Florida and Hawaii. They would not find the moisture in either food or environment to remain alive unless the house is very damp/wet and there is food garbage readily available, and temp exceed 70'F.

How's that? ;)

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