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Discoid feed

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Hello all,

This is my first post and I will soon have my first colony of discoidalis. Just for background info, I'm a pet enthusiast, currently breeding crickets and mealworms. I started for my own pets and found that the surrounding area had a lot of interest in cheap pet food. I've decided to raise discoidalis as they are one of the few legal breeds.

I know roaches require a lot of protein and have considered dog food. Does anyone have experience feeding roaches whole or ground oats? The kind you would feed a horse. Both my crickets and mealworms eat them and it's an extremely economical solution. I'm hoping to produce these guys by the thousands as feeders for a local bearded dragon breeder and want to provide a quality affordable food for them.

Hope I haven't offended anyone by mentioning roaches as feeders. I'll admit there are a few I would love to own just to own. Panchlora Nivea comes to mind as they are native here and quite beautiful in color.

Anyway I hope I can get some useful feedback. Thanks guys.

Currently using a large rubbermaid tub with a 100w infared. Planning on temps around 100 as I've heard it promotes breeding. All suggestions welcome

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Welcome, many of the users here join because of their interest in feeders and come over to the pet hobby! Those of use that have them as pets usually also have arachnids and what not that eat excess “pets”. I have fed rolled type oats to my various colonies and they work well (some species REALLY like them), but will tend to mold fast in specie’s cages that need lots of humidity.

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Interesting. I'm willing to bet that if they eat rolled oats then they will eat whole oats, I like to use it to mix with dog food and grind up, or just as whole oats. Thanks for the reply. Funny you should mention it I do have an arachnid. A G. Rosea, although it's not big enough for roaches yet it's only about a 1/4" maybe.

Glad to hear these guys will eat oats I got about 40 pounds of em in my closet. Thanks again.

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