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-Hello all from mexico country.


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- Hello all from mexico country!! just today I fund this forum with a link to it which Orin give me in the mantid forum, because my questions about roach-keeping.

- I am Roberto, and this is my introduction to this forum:

1. Do you currently raise any roaches? Yes, I have it but still without nymphs yet.

2. If so, how many? I have actually about 90 adult madagascan hisser roaches but not nymphs yet.

3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders? For both.

4. If feeders, what kinds? I actually still in search of B lateralis, N cinerea, Arlequin, Zebra, and almost any other species which are originated from captive cultures.

5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community? Many of that.

6. How did you find our community? Orin give me ther link to this forum in the mantid forum, because my questions about roach-keeping.

- Thank you very much, best regards. Roberto.

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Hola Roberto,

My parents live in Mexico, just South of Guad. in a town on Lake Chapala. My mom is part of a butterfly group with the Lake Chapala Society. She raises many butterfly food plants in her backyard.

Here is a link to her blog:


And here is a link to a few of the hundreds of photos I took in Mexico last year:


What part of Mexico are you in?

What's the hobby like in Mexico (roach and bug hobbies in general)? Is it growing? Do you know many bug hobbyists?

Very nice to meet you!


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- Hello Peter ! nice to meet you again ! thanks for your welcome words ! Past year I buyed a phasmid book from your online store. And frecuently I dreamed with buy from your online store vary of the mantids you sell there (or at least ooths).

- Nice pics on the blocks, and once I was seen the blocks of your mom past year and just now I seen new pics there. The adult mantis species showed in the block do you know their ID? so please tell me their ID because I ignore it and ever I wanted knowing their taxonomy name. That mantid species is the most viewed in mexico country.

- Currently I living in north side of mexico city, but actually I living during a few weeks in morelia, michoacan ((relatively very nearest of chapala)).

- Very few live invertebrates keepers I now actually in the country, but I hope that number grow across the time. The most keepeast here are the tarantulas (principally terrestrials), and Pandinus and forest scorpions from africa. Then very few keeps madagascan hissing roaches (actually I have aprox 90 adults). Very very few keeps mantids and phasmids (like me).

- Nice to meet you again Peter. All the best there! Best regards. Roberto.

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Hola Roberto,

I do remember you now:) We don't get a lot of book orders to Mexico.

I'm sorry, but I cannot ship any bugs to Mexico. My mom would love it if I could! I still culture a few species of bugs we used to raise together. At their property there, they are able to find a huge variety of interesting bugs: various spiders (tarantulas up in the mountains around the lake), scorpions, waterscorpions, mantids, phasmids and many species of Lepidoptera. There are Dynastes and Strategus beetles and a few others. There is a town called Colima (I think?) nearby. I would like to collect there someday.

I believe that would be a Stagmomantis species of some kind (the large green female). There were a few other species posted, including a male that appeared to be Tenodera. A small mantis is also pictured, but I do not even have a guess as to genus.

Please stay in touch for the next 15+ years, Roberto! There is a small chance I might visit Lake Chapala in August. It would be fun to see everything so green from the rains. I think I'll call my mom tomorrow for the monthly bug update! One thing my parents get excited about every year is when the hundreds of leaf-cutter queens emerge to mate. And the rainbirds (cicadas) when the rainy season starts!

Hey, I ate chapulines a few months ago. Check out these photos I took of dinner at a local Mexican restaurant:



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-Hello Peter, thanks for reply. I understand you about you cant ship it to here. ¡But may be possible ((if your mom have mexican native mantid ooths and mexican native phasmid ova)) your mom may sell me and/or interchanging with me native mantid ooths, live mantids and native phasmid ova, and live phasmids, and others natives invertebrates?? may be great if that may be possible!!

-Thanks for the link of the "chapulines". I like it the taste of the chapulines in form of "tacos", but not every ones like it their taste.

-The female and male mantids of the pics are of the same species because I was breeding them already ((a few years ago)), and every ooth hatched a huge quantity of nymphs. But I still without ID that species. Both genders are very different between them buth are of the same species of mantid.

-Thanks, best regards. Roberto.

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Hi Roberto,

Yep, just about everything tastes good with lots of salsa on it!

I'm very sure that my mom (Lynn) would love to exchange stock with you. I'll forward her email address and you can check in with her.

That makes sense about the mantids being the same species. I'm pretty sure she found both the male and female in her yard.

Here is a photo of an ootheca I took in her backyard:



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-Hello Peter, yes! that is the ooth of this mantid species!! thanks for gives to your mom my e-mail : cockroachyet@yahoo.com , I will very happy for know her!! Actually I have ova of Carasius morosus and Extatosoma tiaratum which I can ship to her, but unfortunatelly actually I lack of extra mantid-ooths, but I would ship to her nymphs when my two ooths will hatched I hope ((one are of T.a. sinensis -N.American type- and the other probably of Danuria from africa)).

-Also would be great if she may have access to catydids ((or bush-cricket)) of ground-or-bush-no flyiers type which are mainly insectivorous, just like the type like once appeared the past year in the cover of invertebrates magazine.

-I will wait for her message. Peter THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL, best regards. Roberto.

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