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Hello - Poland breeding .

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I do not know English very well [using http://translate.google.com]

My name is Kamil Kowalski

I live in Poland, the city of Krakow.

In our country very few people keeping cockroaches,

most people are reared Nauphoeta cinerea - for pet reptiles and spiders.

I am in one of the few breeders cockroaches.

Poles buy cockroaches in most [insect] here:


and here:


How do you want to buy something in the conversion is:

OK: 4.50 zł = ~ 1 EU

OK: 3,00 PLN = 1 USD ~

So for you it is quite cheap:)

Nice to know you. I hope that through you expand your knowledge of cockroaches.


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Welcome! Not too many roach fans in Poland, I see! Sorry, but as to your question about Gromphadorhina and Princisia, it's really complicated and they could be the same genus in reality.

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