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Breeding Firebrats

Dexter and Debbie

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here is some basic information breeding Firebrats.

Firebrats (Thermobius domestica)

Firebrats are a great food item, but are slow breeders and not very productive, but it is definitely worth your while. If you want to breed your own firebrats you should transfer the starter culture to a larger tight container. Put half an inch of wheat bran in the container as a substrate, fill the container with egg crate and add some lumps of cotton wool for egg laying. Feed the firebrats a couple of times per week with fish flakes, or springtail chow. It is important to keep the humidity low. Firebrats need it warm and dry. They do not drink but need a small cup with just a little water in the bottom, cover the cup with a tight mesh, other wise the firebrats will commit mass suicide in there.

Firebrats need dry heat around 35-40 degrees Celsius, a boiler room is the perfect place to have them in. One generation takes 3-6 months depending on temperature and food quality. It is a long wait, but when you have a couple of cultures going you can feed with them at least once a week. If you need newborns take out the egg-filled cotton wool and put it in a separate container. Firebrats are a treat for larger frogs, predatory invertebrates, salamanders and small lizards.

I have my colony set up in a 20 gallon tank with a heat mat under the tank, The tank is placed in a styrofoam container to help contain the heat and i place a container filled with cotton fiber soaked in water at one end. The colony is stcaked 3 - 4 egg crates high and stuffed with cotton balls and spider web you buy for halloween decoration, i feed them 1 container of fish flakes per montha and water them once per week and thats it.


Dexter D


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