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My cold weather encolsure


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Hello everyone, I recently acquired a colony of approx 900 orange heads. I’m keeping them in the garage. My current setup is a 18 gallon covered with foil bubble wrap, a human heating pad on the bottom and a 100w red flood on the top.

The garage is well insulated so inside temp is low 40's but the heating pad alone was only bringing the temp up to mid 60s so I had to add the flood lamp. Temps now range from mid 70s to almost 100 in the middle of the egg flats. I noticed that it is really sucking the humidity out so I have two containers of water gel and might start misting.

Will the bright light bother the roaches long term? I don’t think they like it, only the big guys hang out "topside" now. I've read roaches can’t see red light... Ha! No way is that


What is the recommended humidity for eublaberus posticus?




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