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Big Day!

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Lots of good news to share! It was a big night last night apparently. Maybe it was the rain?

My peppereds finally dropped some babies. There were some that were already on their own and one female that was nestled down part way into the substrate giving birth. Her huge white babies were all over her. Those newborns look like 2nd or 3rd instars of my Blaberus sp. They were gigantic. No wonder they were holding on to them for so long.

My discoids finally dropped some too. I got them as 100 mixed nymphs on October 10th. They just now, FINALLY, dropped some babies. They've been adults since before Christmas. Got my fusca at the same time. Still waiting on those, but any day now...

My 15 giganteous nymphs have found their appetite. They are eating like hissers now.

My hissers are still going non-stop. Little piggies.

Now I see what you guys meant by the explosive nature of lateralis. Wow! A few weeks ago, I thought something was terribly wrong and I'd never get babies. Now, I can't feed them out fast enough. Every time I crack the lid I see more and more babies.

My lobster colony is too new to really tell, but it does seem to be getting bigger... steadily... just as you guys said it would.

Got my first adult in my distanti colony overnight. She's all alone. Her 39 friends are all well buried and I never see them.

My first dubia colony is overflowing with nymphs. I think I'm just starting to see third generation, and by my calculations, when those hit maturity in a few months, it should just explode.

Craniifer are now steadily producing, but I did find one more aborted ootheca. There were several dozen aborted ootheca before I started housing them correctly.

Saw new babies in the flexivitta bin again today too. The older nymphs appear to have gone underground.

Well that's the latest. Words cannot describe the joy and happiness that I derive from observing and maintaining my colonies. I have all of you to thank for that. I didn't even know most of these species existed until I found you guys. I knew nothing of how to take care of them. Its a wonder my hissers have lived for so long, given my ignorance. Without you guys to share it with, it just wouldn't mean as much either. What I'm trying to say is: THANK YOU to all of you, especially the ones who answer all my newbie questions.

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