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Archimandrita tesselata

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Peppereds sure have ...

Is that a male or a female? A pic of the underside of the tail end would tell.... the top view leaves me guessing its a female. If it is a male, when you get a female you will be more impressed as they are slightly larger/bigger looking from being wider.

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Saw some mating action last night. I didn't realize I had two adults even. :blink: This was the only good pic I could get, it happened so fast. I very nearly caught it on video but as soon as I got the lighting right the male decided he would rather have dinner than mate. Doh! :angry:

These guys do the wing display too. It was fun to watch the male dance around. I'm used to seeing roaches just back into eachother to mate but looks like the male raises his wings and the female climbs on his back, hooks up, then turns around. Kind of like my b. fumigata. Interesting.


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