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Typically European Wish


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Hi all

I always struggle when reading a 'wanted to...' post because it's often not visible from where the thread starter is. As I'm from Switzerland (kinda small country in Europe :D ) it usually isn't possible to legally trade with guys from the USA and it would therefore be a great help to immediately see from where the other one is.

Maybe one could make a little flag (stars'n stripes, EU or such) one can add to the title?



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This is a fair request. If this were a more popular forum, we'd ask that all members posting ads in the classifieds section state their location as a prerequisite for selling items. However, we are still a small group of hobbyists. It should not be too much trouble to send a seller a Private Message.

In the meantime, I will make a request here that sellers do include their location when placing advertisements in the classifieds section as a convenience to potential buyers.

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