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Pugly Mugly

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Im new to this site, but I have spent some time looking at all of the great posts, advice and information on here.

I got my first cockroaches about 18 months ago (Dubia) to help feed my bearded dragons.

Since then i have added



A. tesselata

Blaberus disoldalis

Blaberus Craniifer "brown wings"

Pycnoscelus femapterus

So all advie and tips will be greatly appreciated.



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That's a great list for a "newbie", Colin!

Let us know what you'd like to know and we'll see what we can do to help.

My wife's male bearded dragon blacked up his beard really nice today. We've never seen it before and know it can be a sign of stress. He had his first bath in a week or two (not my job) and ate some dandelion greens from the backyard, yesterday. We don't think it was due to stress, but possibly a sign that he's ready for a lady! His name is Sonja, by the way. Wife designated him a girl when we got him as a baby and can't bring herself to change the name (or refer to it as "him"). Sonja's a beautiful red boy! Her beard did return to natural coloration just before bedtime.


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