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MY new hisser enclosure

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I'm glad to see that there are people out there that want to keep their hissers in something besides a bin!

Right now I have 3 10 gal tanks with approx. a dozen or so mixed sex each. One tank has what I call my "non-breeders"

although I saw an ooth just last week.... Anyway, typically I don't have babies in that tank(no supplemental heat,but I live in the Fl panhandle,hot and humid A/c set about 77), they are my originals (or close to it) the second tank has my next generation in it, they breed, although not lots (supplemental heat pad on one end.I have nymphs maybe twice a year... that I know of) the third tank has some of the last brood and a few second gens in there. When I was cleaning the tanks to make 3 instead of 2, I found 2 nymphs. I have found a small number of nymphs before. What I gathered (i.e. read somewhere) is that the adults will cannibalize the nymphs (even if well fed???). Also, my males fight a lot, so I am concerned about injury/death.

I also collect Tarantulas (I don't feed my roaches to anything, they are pets)and I could use those 3 10 gal tanks for spiders, so I got a 40 breeder to house my Hissers. If I set up several different "territories" (raised spots for the males to defend) with logs, caves, etc. Do you think the roaches would be better off? or do you think that being in a smaller population is less stressful, even if there are quite a few males?Also, I read somewhere that Hisser females only give birth once in their lives, is that hooey?

I use cypress mulch for substrate, but its T-rex brand sold for the pet trade, and I dry it out for a few days first, the roachies don't like to get their tootsies wet.

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