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PISTOL SHOT GYPSY - MY Rock N' Roll fantasy!


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Over the years my feeder roach business (The Roach Ranch) has enabled me to talk to countless amounts of people who enjoy animals as much as I do on a daily basis. One of the frequent questions I field from people day to day "Is this ALL you do for a living?" The short answer is yes, but the real answer is that The Roach Ranch has been an integral part to allow me to do what I really love, and that is play guitar. When I'm not roach ranching I play guitar in the nationally touring Rock band out of Providence, Rhode Island PISTOL SHOT GYPSY. We've had the chance to tour most of the country a few times over and have done opening stints for Buckcherry, Chevelle, Saving Abel, Finger 11, Days of The New, Skid Row, Slash, and a fantastic guitarist who you may or may not know and fellow New Englander Gary Hoey . My favorite times on the road are when I get to meet people I interact w/ online within the Reptile/Arachnid industry face to face at some of my gigs around the country. It never gets old and people always seem to step it up and blow me away by how nice they are.

I'm very proud of what PISTOL SHOT GYPSY has accomplished so far and I'm very excited to announce that we've just dropped our new website which can be found at www.pistolshotgypsy.com and you can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pistolshotgypsy (we love FB). If you're into Rock N' Roll I invite you to check us out and explore the other side of what I do besides The Roach Ranch. BTW you can hear our music in full under the media/discography section on our site. If you like what you hear feel free to sign up on our e-mail list and receive an MP3 of our newest single "Luv Junky" mailed directly to your inbox. Our management agreed to release this to our fans for the bubble and we hope you guys dig it as much as we enjoy playing it night to night out on the road.

One heads up about PSG. I would categorize us as a PG-13 band. We're an honest to goodness Rock band and some the subject matter in our music tackles the woes of our surroundings. I also write our blog and sometimes I use adult language in them. Just wanted to mention this as here on the forums we tend to keep it family oriented.

On a final note, playing in a band you'e gotta shamelessly self promote yourself in order to survive. In a recent article the writer titled it "PISTOL SHOT GYPSY - Rock N' Roll for the people, by the people" and we couldn't have said it any better ourselves. If you dig the band feel free to spread our music far and wide. Rip it, burn it, trade it, get it out there anyway you see fit. We've turned down labels to keep control of our music so that our fans can be part of our band. Any and all success we've had to this point in time is due to our fanbase. We're pretty dam proud of that and can't thank them enough!


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