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Blaberus fusca: taxonomic status?

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Hello, this is Mark. I have been searching for scientific literature regarding the Dusky "dwarf" Cave Cockroach (Blaberus fusca) with little success. The only recent recognition of (B. fusca) I can find are through hobbyist and breeder sites that have no scientific bearing. Can anyone provide me with any entomological references to the current taxonomy of (Blaberus fusca) other than its former usage to describe (B.atropos)?

Thanks, Mark

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Although the names are listed as synonymous, the animals they are describing are not the same. Blaberus atropos belongs to the "Atropos" group, whereas Blaberus fusca, is most DEFINITELY not a member of this group, and, although not listed in Roth's Blaberus genitalia paper, probably belongs in the "Giganteus" group.

I will probably get to doing some dissections tonight and seeing which group it is placed in; I'm 99.99% positive "Blaberus fusca," known as "Ugly Brown Blaberus craniifer" in Europe, is an unrelated species (outside the fact they share a genus) to the actual Blaberus atropos, which is a smaller species that is similar to Blaberus discoidalis.

I also doubt that Blaberus fusca and Blaberus craniifer are the same species; Just yesterday I found a considerably dark Blaberus fusca that essentially had the coloration of Blaberus craniifer; however, one look at the shape of the tegmina, body proportions, and the overall length of the individual made it stand out distinctly as what it was.

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I agree with Zephyr, Blaberus fusca is certainly of its own species and most likely fits within the Giganteus group. What I am however more interested to know is from whom and when was this species delegated the name Blaberus fusca or is this name being temporarily used by us hobbyists until further scientific research is completed?

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