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Therea olegrandjeani eggs

Ross W

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Hello all.

I recently purchased a dozen Therea grandjeani and within a few days some of the adults started laying eggs. This past weekend I had an outbreak of grain mites and had to clean out the cage. I was able to remove over two dozen eggs, but am hesitant on putting them back in the cage until I know the grain mite problem is completely gone. I wanted to know how I should keep the eggs in a separate container. Do they need to be kept in a moist and humid enclosure, or will that promote mold/fungus to grow on them? Right now I have them in a small pint size container inside a small tank and I keep the substrate moist. Should I put the eggs directly on the substrate or is the way I have them safe?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Ross Wexler

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You can keep them in a small completely sealed deli cup filled with coconut fiber that you have squeezed all the water out of and let dry a bit for a night. Mist when it looks like it's REALLY starting to dry out; in the wild Therea live in areas where things can get pretty dry for part of the year.

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Awesome! Thanks a bunch Zephyr.


Mites are not a problem for the egg cases (ootheca). The eggs are sealed in the case and the mites cannot get through. Keep them fairly dry most of the time.

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