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Male to female ratio


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I've seen lots of people say they feed off their males and only leave a few in their roach tanks at any given time but I'm curious as to each individuals reasoning behind it.

Are you just doing it because you read of others doing it?

Are you trying to control the populations?

Are you keeping a certain breeding stock and don't want new males to interfere?

Are you worried of overcrowding with the males as some species are aggressive towards one another?

Do you even do this?

I ask because I never fed off males very often, I actually use nymphs as feeders moreso than adults. I also feel like allowing a certain amount of competition amongst males will allow for the strongest to breed and thus makes better stock. I don't think this applies as much with anything besides feeders though; I wouldn't want to go ahead and feed off glow spot males just because I have some "extra" lol.

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I personally cull males for space and genetic reasons.

I generally pick the biggest males or males with desirable characteristics (for example, with my B. boliviensis, any males with smaller than usual pronotum marking margins are culled immediately) and cull off the rest. This decreases the competition for food in the enclosures and gives nymphs and females more room.

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It really does not matter.

However, it does help if you are trying to ensure the sustainabilty or growth of a colony to keep as many females as possible for reproduction. So if you need to feed off a larger nymph or adult sized roach the males are best as first to go in that scenario.

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