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peppered roaches

Guest croc2-3

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Guest croc2-3

I had 2.2 of these but I gave them to the local Natural Science museum to add to their small colony. They're still not reproducing & I'm concerned that they adult might perish as it's been over a year we've had them. What is the best way to care for them? I also want to obtain more as my source is currently out of stock.

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Guest lokireptiles

I have had no success until I recently did two things

1. I put them on a coco fiber substrate.

2. I started them on a different diet.

The key ingredients I think that made the difference was increased bee pollen and soy protein isolate in the formula.

I was amazed at the size of the oothica in comparison to some of the other roaches I have been working with. Since then I have gotten 3 or 4....... as of yet they have not hatched.

I keep my peppered roaches around 74-76 degrees.

hope this helps you

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Archimandrita are live-bearers, so if lokireptiles is seeing the oothecae lying around they were aborted. I keep my peppereds with about an inch of common (unpolluted) soil, decaying wood, and bark. My humidity level is relatively high although they can do fine drier, and I feed fruits, vegetables, cereal, and dog food. The adults live a long time, but yours may be too old to be very productive.

What do you mean by 2.2?

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